6 things to do in Sofia

23 Mai 2018
Oldest church in Sofia, Bulgaria

Last weekend I travelled to this special city in Eastern Europe. It only has been a short trip but these are the things I was able to do.

Marrakesh - City of Colours

30 April 2018

Walking the trails of the berber, crossing the Atlas Mountains und visiting Ait-Ben-Haddou aka Yunkai in Game of Thrones.

[Timelapse] Exploring the north of Lao and Vietnam by motorbike

31 Oktober 2014

Mekong Delta in Vietnam / Cambodia

02 Oktober 2014

A few impresions of Johannesburg

01 Oktober 2014

Very new to this whole backpacking stuff I kept my goals simple for the first week. The next pictures show a few impressions tho.

Food in Vietnam

01 Oktober 2014
Streets in Ho-Chi-Minh city

Asian ways are different to ours so is the food.

Time for dinner!

30 September 2014

Strolling around the streets in Ho-Chi-Minh City. Different cultures bring different food.

Asia. My great love. Banh Mi to go

28 September 2014

Flying from South Africa to Ho-Chi-Minh City (formerly Saigon) has been an adventure in itself. I missed my transfer in Doha.

Spending two days in Kruger National Park

23 September 2014

My first experience as solo backpacker has been in South Africa. Where I spent two days in Kruger National Park with some italian guy I met.

Stopover in Doha :)

21 September 2014
Art in Doha, Qatar

I've been to Doha a couple years back. Now the new airport is there and way better than before.


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