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Luang Namtha

07 August 2015

3 day hike through the jungle

Taking the train to BKK

07 Juni 2015

finally sold my motorbike in Vientiene

Don Det

06 Juni 2015

ferry time! next stop: 4000 islands

Crossing the border to Lao

05 Juni 2015

My visa expired AGAIN

Lao Cai

12 Januar 2015

On the way to the last stop before Sapa ...

Border crossing into Vietnam

10 Januar 2015

on the path to Dien Bien

Lao - bought my motorbike

11 Januar 2015

The first ride with the bike was very different

Luang Prabang in Lao

10 Januar 2015

Visited some waterfalls

Just some keywords for Vang Vieng in Lao

16 Dezember 2014

tubing, climbing, kayaking, waterfalling, sakura bar-ing, hangover-ing


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