• Hiking in Durmitor national park.
  • Me on mount Fuji
I'm Gordon Mundt

Based in Cologne I am specialised on Microsoft technologies.

I started my professional carreer with an eduction and degree in business informatics in Bergisch Gladbach. Moved on from there through different projects at the city services of Cologne, Kienbaum Management Service GmBH, Feelgood Challange, Anyopp and recently EnBW.

Why Choose Me?

The last years I was able to spent my professional time in all kinds of companies, team sizes and team settings.

  • Environmental awareness (startup, medium-sized to large enterprises)
  • Used to different team sizes and settings
  • Agile methods / Scrum

My Competencies

  • Ability to work in a team

  • Creativity and problem solving

  • Thoroughness of work

  • Adapting to changes

My Skills

  • Microsoft Azure

  • ASP.Net Core

  • Entity Framework

  • Javascript Frameworks (Angular/React)

Let's make something great together.

From the Journal

Aloha to u all.
23 April 2020

ApplicationInsights-JS: Using a telemetry initializer for browser requests

In this article: How to build a request filter for client tracking. ❤

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Sandboarding dunes in Huacachino close to Ica, Peru
24 Januar 2020

An Oasis is Calling - Sandboarding Part 1 - The Dunes of Huacachino

So here you are, the desert of Peru. In this part I will show you one of the outstanding activities in this diverse country.

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View to the roofs of Tallinn
24 Dezember 2019

It is about pancakes

Tallinn is a mondern european city and connects Europe with Russia.

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Ich am Berg der Hüfihütte im Maderanertal.
01 September 2019

Hiking in den Alpen - Gletscherblick im Maderanertal

9 Stunden hat der Tagestrip am Ende gedauert. Extrem erschöpft, mit Blasen an den Füßen blicken wir zurück auf eine Tour durch die Berge der Schweiz, reißende Flüsse und einer tollen Wanderung.

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Die Wanderung durch den Eistunnel im Rhonegletscher.
02 September 2019

Der Rhonegletscher (Rottengletscher) als Attraktion

Von Luzern aus cirka 1,5 Stunden entfernt liegt der Gletscher in der Schweiz. Gegraben seit über 150 Jahren von der selben Familie.

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Mit dem Zug unterwegs
25 November 2019

5 new countries on the list

This time I figured this super nice route. Going from Cologne to St. Petersburg to Oslo to Guayaquil.

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