• Lake view in Niksic.
  • Hiking in Durmitor national park.
  • Me on mount Fuji
  • Old Windmill close to the harbour of Port Louis in Mauritius
I'm Gordon Mundt

Based in Cologne I am specialised on Microsoft technologies.

I started my professional carreer with an eduction and degree in business informatics in Bergisch Gladbach. Moved on from there through different projects at the city services of Cologne, Kienbaum Management Service GmBH, Feelgood Challange, Anyopp and recently EnBW.

Why Choose Me?

The last years I was able to spent my professional time in all kinds of companies, team sizes and team settings.

  • Environmental awareness (startup, medium-sized to large enterprises)
  • Used to different team sizes and settings
  • Agile methods / Scrum

My Skills

  • Microsoft Azure (DevOps)

  • ASP.Net Core

  • Entity Framework

  • TypeScript Frameworks (Angular/React)


  • Azure Multi-Step Web Tests

  • Application Insights

  • Unit Tests

  • Jest, Cypress and Percy

My Competencies

  • Ability to work in a team

  • Creativity and problem solving

  • Thoroughness of work

  • Adapting to changes

Working History

Find out more about my professional career.

-> About & Dev Story

Let's make something great together.

From the Journal

05 Oktober 2022

Food-capital Tirana

I recently visited Tirana and I can confidently say that it truly is the food capital of Albania. The city has a diverse mix of traditional Albanian cuisine and international flavors that will tantalize your taste buds.

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05 Oktober 2022

City beach Tel Aviv

Lots of walking

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05 Oktober 2022

Bordercrossing and Jerusalem

Moving to Israel

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17 September 2022

Pool and beach days in Aqaba

Food and pure lazyness...

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07 September 2022

1001 nights in the Joran desert

Jeep rides, high prices and bright stars

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04 September 2022

Visiting Petra in Jordan

The area is so much bigger than expected...

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02 September 2022

Dead Sea spa day

Proper scrubs and some salty sea bathing

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02 September 2022

Hot springs in Ma'in and crusader castle in Kerak

Swimming in boiling hot lakes at 36°C outside temperature and visiting one of them crusader castles.

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01 September 2022

Flying in on Jordan

Only less than 3 hours by plane and a different world lying ahead.

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01 September 2022

From Turda to Sighisoara to Brasov to Sinaia to Constanza to Bucarest

Lot's of hours of train rides ahead in this one...

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