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  • Street vendor in Ho-Chi-Minh
I'm Gordon Mundt

Based in Cologne I am specialised on Microsoft technologies.

I started my professional carreer with an eduction and degree in business informatics in Bergisch Gladbach. Moved on from there through different projects at the city services of Cologne, Kienbaum Management Service GmBH, Feelgood Challange, Anyopp and recently EnBW.

Why Choose Me?

The last years I was able to spent my professional time in all kinds of companies, team sizes and team settings.

  • Environmental awareness (startup, medium-sized to large enterprises)
  • Used to different team sizes and settings
  • Agile methods / Scrum

My Competencies

  • Ability to work in a team

  • Creativity and problem solving

  • Thoroughness of work

  • Adapting to changes

My Skills

  • Microsoft Azure

  • ASP.Net Core

  • Entity Framework

  • Javascript Frameworks (Angular/React)

Let's make something great together.

From the Journal

DJI Spark
08 Februar 2019

Sri Lanka - Vorbereitungen

Wir haben uns entschieden. Meine Freundin und ich begeben uns in die Wärme, zu Elefanten, Walen und historischen Stätten auf der Insel südlich von Indien.

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Streets in Ho-Chi-Minh city
24 September 2014

Food in Vietnam

Asian ways are different to ours so is the food.

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Sowjet building in Sofia, Bulgaria
23 Mai 2018

From the airport of Sofia to the city center

You will be arriving at the airport of Sofia soon and you want to know how to make it into town. Read how easy it is here.

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Oldest church in Sofia, Bulgaria
23 Mai 2018

6 things to do in Sofia

Last weekend I travelled to this special city in Eastern Europe. It only has been a short trip but these are the things I was able to do.

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