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Tokio 2 Shanghai

09 November 2015

winter is coming

Pit stop in Bejing

10 November 2015

On my way to Mongolia it was time to visit an old friend

The Great Wall of China

31 August 2015

u gotta see this. impressive!

Bye Bye China

01 September 2015

toughest country to travel so far

Summer Palace (Bejing)

31 August 2015

change of plans. seeing the palace

Beijing aka Peking

30 August 2015

first time in here. so much to see


29 August 2015

Visa allowance slowly running out

Wuyishan (China)

16 August 2015

My last stop before I went to the major cities

Xiamen (China)

15 August 2015

Continuing my path up north


13 August 2015

The backside of the 20 Yuan note

Rice terraces of Longsheng

14 August 2015

Best views here

Old towns of China

10 August 2015

First time a chinese guy paid all our drinks

Huangguoshu Waterfalls

09 August 2015

Went to the highest waterfall in Asia

Border crossing from Lao to China

08 August 2015

My first two stops: Mengla and Kunming


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