From the airport of Sofia to the city center

You will be arriving at the airport of Sofia soon and you want to know how to make it into town. Read how easy it is here.

23 Mai 2018
Sowjet building in Sofia, Bulgaria

Okey. So you are arriving at the airport in Sofia, capital of Bulgaria, soon. No problem, just follow up these easy instructions on how to get there. First of all stay calm when you arrive, I personally did not notice any harassing people at the airport. So you have a couple of options to get into town. So first tip for you check the floor ... there are colored lines on the floor that lead you to the proper places. Blue marks the metro, red marks the busses and taxis am actually not completely sure (there are pictures on the lines too). If you still need cash you find ATM's at terminal 2.

1. Taxi

Well this is the only option where you can make something wrong. First of all do not take a driver that is trying to convince you when you are walking inside or outside the terminal. Go to the designated counter and get one there since there are fake taxis that charge you twice or three times the usual. So what is the usual price to go into town? Not much actually compared to other european countries. I paid around 10 Leva for a ride which is around 5 Euros. Depending on traffic it could go up to 15 Leva. The drive takes around 15 minutes.

2. Metro

For the metro you need to be at terminal 2 that means if you should be at terminal 1 get the free shuttle to terminal 2. From there just follow the blue line to the metro station outside. You can buy tickets for 1.60 Leva (~0,80 Euro) at a machine or the kiosk inside the station. This and the bus are the cheapest option but take a bit longer than with the cab. Plan around 30 minutes to arrive at Vitosha Boulevard.

3. Bus

The bus works similar to the metro and also takes 20-30 minutes. I personally would prefer the metro over the bus, prices are similar and u just follow the red line on the floor. It has the same price as the metro has which is around 1.60 Leva.



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