It is about pancakes

Tallinn is a mondern european city and connects Europe with Russia.

24 Dezember 2019
View to the roofs of Tallinn

My actual plan was not to visit Tallinn but my ferry from St. Petersburg got cancelled. So I eventually took the bus to Tallinn to in the end fly from here to Stockholm in Sweden.

To have a break inbetween the travel with my bus which would be around 8 hours from city to city. I only booked it to the border town of Narwa. From there I switched into a train and did the last remaining hours. I do enjoy train rides very much over bus.

So after a day of travelling I would finally arrive. Tallinn seems to live of tourists of the Skandinavian countries and feels actually backpacking-wise quite pricey.

It seems one of their famous foods are pancakes which I had the first night in a place called Kompressor. You get big portions for okey prices. Seems to be one of the backpacker hotspots. Anyway besides that I got the chance to visit the small christmas market as well which was okey I guess. Not to big tho, food looked nice. There are quite some bars around and if you looking for beer you won't do much wrong here.

So in the end would I return to this city? Propably not. It's been nice a day or two but I don't think there is too much to offer.



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